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The After School Scholar

The After School Scholar is an Academic Advancement Center for students in grades Kindergarten through 8th.  We are focused on providing a fun and caring environment after school for your child(ren) where homework is completed and checked prior to pick up time at 6:30PM.

We absolutely love helping young minds reach their full potential!  As a teacher for twenty years, I enjoyed working with students to establish good study habits and embrace learning.  Homework is an important part of a student’s learning process and often a key component of the class grade.

Pre School Learning
After School Scholar Worksheet

Completing homework accurately can take several hours and can be a challenge for today’s busy families.  Many students have extracurricular activities such as sports to manage and many parents have a work schedule to manage.

Our goal at The After School Scholar is to help provide more quality family-time at home by ensuring our students homework is complete before they leave and to provide our students with a comfortable learning environment that brings peace of mind to their parents.

A Genius is a Talented Person
Who Does His Homework

– Thomas Edison –

Success at School

Fosters Self-Confidence and Happiness

In addition to homework help, The After School Scholar offers classes, camps and tutoring services.   We cover a variety of topics to supplement your student’s school curriculum and to inspire interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) subjects and activities.  Tutoring services are available at The After School Scholar location, at your home or virtually.

Our facility provides students with a warm, friendly environment that “feels like home” and fosters success.   We support e-learners and home-schoolers virtually or here on site, with a quiet, productive space to attend online classes and complete their work.

Everyone at The After School Scholar follows CDC Guidelines regarding face masks and social distancing.  We also ensure plenty of hand washing to keep our students and staff safe.